Emma Carter National Lighting

Emma Carter
P: +353 (1) 709 9070 / +353 (86) 040 9810

Emma joined National Lighting in 2021 and has worked with LED Group since 2006. She manages the National Lighting sales team and ensures that the customer service standards are second to none. She ensures that the showroom is constantly updated. She welcomes feedback and would be delighted to have to the opportunity to hear from National Lighting’s customers.

Brendan McCormick
Sales consultant
P: +353 (1) 709 9097 / +353 (86) 045 6974

Brendan has worked for National Lighting for 20 years & brings a wealth of experience & technical expertise to his role. He is the resident National Lighting technical “geek” and is happy to answer all customers’ queries – no question too difficult!

Mary McDonagh
Sales consultant
P: +353 (1) 709 9074

Mary joined National Lighting in 2004. She has a background in the lighting industry and is delighted to use her experience to help customers with their lighting needs.

Orla O’Connor
Sales consultant
P: +353 (1) 709 9044

Orla has worked for National Lighting for 13 years. She is qualified in interior design and uses these skills in her everyday interactions with our customers.

Ronnie Porter
Sales consultant
P: +353 (1) 709 9054

Ron previously worked for National Lighting at our Erne Street location and returned to the showroom in September 2014. Ron’s strengths are his excellent customer service and his technical & product knowledge.

LeslieAnne Gore
P: +353 (1) 709 9070

LeslieAnne joined the National Lighting team on the 30th April 2018. She has worked for LED Group ROBUS previously in different departments including accounts. She holds a Bachelors degree in History & Geography from Maynooth University. Her official title is “Manager of First Impressions” and she is doing an excellent job to date.