A customer visited National Lighting Showrooms in 2019 in the hopes of finding lighting products that suited the style of their Neo-Georgian home in Dublin. The customer moved into their home five years ago, but it takes time to decorate a large house, so they wanted to add the finishing touches this year with their lighting design. Michele Lynch, National Lighting’s showroom manager worked closely with the customer.

The home has multiple stories and a variation of ceiling heights in each room, so this project was quite different to the average home and serves as great inspiration to all homeowners who find it challenging to light different shaped rooms and ceiling heights. The home was filled with an abundance of global art, so the customer wanted lighting options that both complimented and highlight these pieces. Luckily, National Lighting has over 1,000 light fittings and they were able to find light fittings to suit every room. This saved them time and ensured they enjoyed the shopping experience because it was hassle-free.

As you will see from the images below, the customers chose a wide variety of beautiful feature fittings that were both traditional and contemporary and that created a wonderful ambience throughout their home.

Downstairs – Kitchen, Living Room and Hallway Lighting

The customer chose two chrome ASCONA 5 Light chandeliers for their entrance hallway which ensured visitors were impressed as soon as they entered their home. These fittings suited the length of the hallway perfectly.

Four ROBUS TRIUMPH Activate 6W LED Downlights were installed in the playroom. These downlights look fantastic in the playroom and they are fire, acoustic and airflow tested which means the customer complies with building regulations providing them with peace of mind.

The LIMOGES 3 Light Antique Brass fitting was chosen for the first landing, just up from the main entrance hall. This fitting is the ideal solution for this small landing space which leads into the Kitchen. The Chrome 4 Light bar pendant was selected as the main feature light in the kitchen with directional fittings to compliment it and point light onto the worktop areas. The Chrome 4 light bar pendant was placed over the dining table. It complemented the various grey tones visible on the chairs, walls and kitchen cabinets whilst also making a statement.

ROBUS CAPTAIN 2W Cabinet Downlights were installed in the pale grey kitchen cabinets to highlight their delph collection while only using 2 watts of power! SPEAR LED Linkable Strip Lights were installed under the kitchen cabinets to ensure visibility was high on the kitchen counter tops.

Two FLORIAN Chandeliers were installed in the living room area and are perfect for the double height ceiling. These stunning chandeliers give an instant luxurious feel to any space and they glisten at every angle, adding a pop of shimmer to the room.

Upstairs – Landing, Bedroom and Bathroom Lighting

The FENDA Blue Lamp Shade and FENDA Ceiling Canopy fittings were installed in the child’s bedroom as they matched his Harry Potter theme. The Blue Shade not only suited the interior, it also looks great in the arched ceiling which is not a typical place to place a pendant fitting.

In keeping with the antique feel in the hallway downstairs, they installed the BELLIS II Antique Brass Pendant on the middle landing, the BELLIS II Antique Brass 6 Flush fitting on the second mid-level landing and placed the BELLIS II Antique Brass Floor Lamp at the side table to highlight the art displayed on the table.

The TAUPE ROUEN Oat Semi Flush Pendant was installed in the ceiling of the master bedroom on the mid landing created a cosy and relaxing ambience in the room and matched the cream interiors.

On the third floor of the house the stunning SEYMOUR 9 Light fitting hanging in the landing makes a serios statement on the highest ceiling of the house. The SEYMOUR is a great option for double height ceilings.

The guest bedroom contains the whimsical SECRET GARDEN Pendant that features leaves and dragonflies adding a touch of magic to the room and ties in well with the style of the room.

The customer is delighted with the results. If you would like to avail of a Lighting Consultation at National Lighting call us at +353 (01) 709 9070 to make an appointment.