Tips: How to Light Your Living Room (Short Read)

Tips: How to Light Your Living Room

“The way you light a room can completely change the space” Melissa LaBancz-Bleasable

The more light sources you have in a room allows you to control the ambience, mood and how you use the room. With that in mind, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, therefore, the living room requires ambience, mood and character. Whether you want to chill out and get cosy, read, do a bit of knitting or watch tv, you need the right mood to do so and in turn, the right lighting. To create the perfect atmosphere for your living room space, use a combination of light fittings that serve their own purpose.

The top 3 things to consider:

Feature Lighting – This type of lighting serves as the most prominent light fitting in the living room. It is the first light you see at a glance when you enter the living room and this is where you can go wild with the design.

  • Choose a statement piece(s) significant enough to fill the ceiling space e.g. if you have a long room you may need two feature ceiling lights. If you have a smaller ceiling, one will do.
  • Pendants and Chandeliers work best as feature lights. The options are endless; chrome, silver, satin, gold, copper, brass, colourful or a printed shade.
  • You can also base your decision on how much light you want to portray from your feature light e.g. a single pendant or a 5 light chandelier.

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Ambient Lighting – This type of lighting creates the mood for your space.

  • Using wall lights gives you control over the light and can give a subtle lighting effect in comparison to your feature light.
  • Recessed lighting is another great option for use across the ceiling space. You can easily choose any number of downlights to fit your room size and light requirements.
  • You can choose dimmable lighting products for all of the above. This will give you the option to change the atmosphere from fully lit to low and cosy almost instantly, by the simple turn of a knob.

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Table/Floor Lamps – Table and floor lamps are not only great for adding elements of lighting to your room but also great for adding to the overall design of the room. They serve as a part of the furniture too.

  • Choose one or more table lamps to sit as a centrepiece on a side table, chest or small cabinet.
  • Choose one or more floor lamps depending on space, near a seated area to act as a form of light when needed and also a statement piece in its own right. (See below image)
  • Position your table or floor lamps to where they serve the most purpose and where they look best. For example, table lamps should be placed near a seat so it can also serve as an area where you can turn it on to read something instead of using the main light(s). Floor lamps are generally placed in the corner of the room to light that corner and so they are not so easily knocked over.

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