Tips: How to Light Your Kitchen

How to Light Your Kitchen

As the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’, lighting design is paramount!

Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen means every angle is covered, thus serving its full purpose. Whether you are chopping vegetables, making sure your fillet steak is cooked medium and not well done, washing those hard to tackle stains from your Tupperware, leaving only the under-cabinet lights on to create ambience when you just want to pop in for a late night cup of tea, reading your favourite piece at the table after dinner or sitting-down to dine, getting the lighting right is a must!

The top 3 things to consider:

Task lighting – This is most important part to get right. You need to be able to see what you are doing in your kitchen.

  • Use downlights where lighting is required.
  • Position recessed lighting in line with the edges of your work surface. Space out every metre to even out the light with a 38-degree beam angle. For high ceilings, your fittings need to be closer together. For low ceilings choose lamps with a wider beam angle.
  • Add under cabinet lighting for extra light on the work surfaces or in areas where there is no flat ceiling to add downlights above the task area. LED strips provide a line of light, whilst the focused beams from spotlights add character to previously plain walls.

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Ambient Lighting – This type of lighting gives character to your space. Whether you want a cosy warm feel to it or a cool contemporary theme, ambient lighting will you help you achieve it.

  • Use 1, 2 or 3 pendants to create light in the centre or sides of the kitchen.
  • Use wall lights to create elements of light in certain places without drowning the area with light.
  • Wall lighting can give the kitchen the perception of space. It can make your room look bigger than it is.
  • Place lighting over your kitchen cabinets to make your ceilings look higher.

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Feature Lighting – This type of lighting lets you get creative and gives your kitchen that extra wow factor! You can go crazy with colour, shapes and themes.

  • Pendants are the king of feature lighting. They not only break up space but they can also create cosy areas.
  • Statement pendants will give you that wow factor for maximum impact. Use over tables and islands.
  • Hide light sources from view under and over cabinets so the light peaks our discretely and creates a stunning effect. LED strip lighting works well with this effect, along with recessed lighting for a different type of lighting effect.

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