Have we lost our Marbles? No, but we are loving the Marble Lighting Trend!

Marble Lighting Trend – National Lighting is obsessed with this Marbleous trend!

It is no secret that marble, copper and brass have been around since the beginning of time in one way or another. The exception being, copper and zinc mixed together creates brass but mixing marble, copper and brass together… simply stunning.

This beautiful combination makes for timeless, unusual and classic light fittings. As you will see from the images below, we have multiple lighting options available in marble, copper & brass from National  Lighting. Not only do we have marble, copper and brass covered but we also have some ceramic stunners complimenting the metals.

Marble will always continue to wow us with its flawlessness, luxurious feel and the fact that we know it will never go out of date, but the copper and brass elements really modernise the classic marble look. The mix of ceramics ties in perfectly with the shades of grey on trend the last couple of years.

How to style?

Mix your marble and ceramic light fittings with white, pale grey, pink, yellow or blue walls, accessorize with mixed metallics and open your living space even more with pale furnishings.

Marble and Ceramic Lighting

Product code AY30-235-C

Product code AY30-236-K


Product code AY30-418-C

Product code AY32-058-C

Product code AY30-440-C

Product code AY35-128

Interior Inspiration

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