Interesting Interiors – 10 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas

Interesting Interiors – 10 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas

1. Floral Heaven

Anyone could happily sit in this room with no tv, as they would not need one. They can take in all of the stunning art, colours and prints instead.

2. Your bathroom mapped out for you

The tones of this bathroom are perfect. The vintage look would fall flat if it was not for the neutral colour theme. An unusual and great idea for a small downstairs toilet or en-suite.

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3. Green and serene

This beautiful kitchen lets the outdoors in with the natural green plants, wooden features and stunning glossy tiles.

4. Hanging around the watercolour wall trend

The watercolour wallpaper trend has pushed plain paint and printed wallpapers out the door! This wicker hanging chair gives you the feeling of being outside at a beach house.

5. A gilded pink paradise

Pink overload? Perhaps, but the fact it seems to be just the one room and is full of intricate gilded carvings, we like it!

6. A whimsical hot air balloon bedroom

A child’s dream bedroom that screams adventure, play and relaxation.

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7. A colourful explosion of culture

We are not too sure where this picture was taken but it has a Cuban feel to it, with the bright coral colours, paper lanterns, wall hangings and pieces of art.

8. Where Steampunk meets the sky

This would be a stunning wall to wake up to every day as it gives the illusion of a window. The navy tones, sun peeking out and distressed white brick walls give the room the light it needs. Which also gives this room the perfect amount of light against the dark navy tones.

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9. Clean white with a touch of life

It is easy to add large artwork or heavy prints to a wall space once the main colour is plain. Without the horse art piece, the room would look quite clinical. Balance is key here.

10. Neon, abstract and plenty of funkiness

Quite wacky for your home or office but we appreciate the careful use of graphics and funky colours. It is just the right amount of madness in one room.

Image Credits: Pinterest


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